What Da Fake.: The Opposite Of Walking Into A Glass Door.

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Opposite Of Walking Into A Glass Door.

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  1. That's what he gets for trying to leave his hand print all over someone's wonderful cleaning job....

  2. Oh my God, what a mistake. He thought it was an absolutely clear transparent glass. Next time better he gets his hand off the glass.

  3. I laughed over and over again when I see this blog for the reason that I remember what was happen to me I banged my face into the =c&id=503/>Glass Doors because I feel so sleepy. Such a funny experienced.

  4. It is stunning how you managed to totally reveal the topic that you have chosen for this peculiar blog entry of yours. By the way did you use any other posts as an inspiration to complete the entire picture which you have revealed in your blog post?

  5. Very funny clip.I am forwarding it to my friends.

  6. I like to share this funny GIF clip, next time he should be careful when he tries touching
    Interior Glass Doors. Wonder if this door is just a set up or props.

  7. Next time he may get observant or curious before pushing the door, otherwise, that will happen.

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  9. This is really funny. I remember my father walking into a mall and didn't noticed the glass door and this man got his lesson from this just like my father :)
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