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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jokes Of The Day.

Funny Truth- No one is as ugly as their driving license/ identity card picture,
Nor as good-looking as their Facebook profile pic..!
Height Of Confidence :
Once Many Professors Were Called And Asked To Sit In An Aeroplane
After They Sat, They Were Informed That The Plane Is Made By Their Students.
All Of Them Ran N Got Out Of Plane Expect One
People Asked Him The Reason He Said, If Its Made By My Students, IT WONT EVEN START !! :P
If animals have Facebook, these are most likely to be their Status Updates:
Cockroach: Managed to skip from some one’s foot step.. Man, I lead a dangerous lifestyle! :P
Chicken: If tomorrow I am not updating my status, means I am being served at KFC. Love you all ♥
Octopus: I have just refilled my ink..horray!! ^_^
Goat : Friends, don’t go out, Eid holiday is coming :’(
Wikipedia: I know everything
Google: I have everything
Facebook: I know evertbody
Internet: Without me u are nothing
Electricity: Keep Talking…………..
                                                             My Favorite
A rich girl was walking by the river in the jungle & suddenly saw a crocodile.
She screamed:OH MY GOD… “LACOSTE”

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