What Da Fake.: Dirty Car Window Art.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dirty Car Window Art.

Meet Scott Wade – He turns muddy, grimy, dirty cars into masterful works of art that will wash away in the next rainstorm.


  1. Wow! I'll never look at car dirt the same way again. Haha. These are awesome! Who would have thought that dirt sitting on cars can be a nice art platform? These portraits look so real. :D

  2. I guess I would be skipping the car wash for the next months to come to be able to try and make a work of art like these! Haha! I just hope I have the talent though, so that not washing my car for a long time would be worth it. ;)

  3. That first photo that shows the Mt. Rushmore must be one the toughest for Mr. Scott Wade. Creating his version of that sculpted mountain is sure challenging, because some might check the work thoroughly and see if the work has some flaws. To me, it’s a perfect 10. Turing the pile of dirt into mount Mt. Rushmore is rare after all.

  4. I wonder if Scott Wade can do this on a windshield swamped with snow. Well, I wish he can. Hmm, among these photos, I can say that my favorite is the tenth photo that seems to advertise a certain vehicle. That could be ideal if someone is trying to sell their used cars. An engaging ad will lure countless customers.