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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Crack Your Brain - Brain Teaser

Crack ur brain.
X is a 7 letter word, 

X is impossible 4 GOD, 
new babies lyk X better than breast milk, 
the poor have X and the rich look for X from the poor, 
if u eat X u will die, X is more important than ur life. 
I swear with my life I will give u X if u get d answer. 
what is X?


  1. LOL you will give me NOTHING if I get the answer

    Me Gusta :)

  2. Suggestion: Have a recent comments section on the side panel

  3. W.O.W. you implemented that pretty quick
    You are amazing at keeping our fans happy - love ya

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  5. Emotion.....is it rite

  6. Emotion.....is it rite

  7. The answer for x is npthing if I tel u the answer also u wil not giv me nothing